My love of makeup started from an early age watching my mother 'put on her face'. As a redhead, she would skillfully trace over the white hairs of her eyebrows and with a stroke of mascara, her beautiful, long white lashes would materialise. She had the most beautiful, thick, deep auburn coloured hair that as a young child, I was glad not to inherit. Amazing how things change. I'll never forget her wry smile as I walked out of the bathroom at sixteen after my first home dye job, with bright red hair.

She was freckled all over from years of trying to tan her fair porcelain skin, but she learned to appreciate her genes when in her 50s, compared to women of her age with leathery olive complexions, she still looked healthy and youthful.

She graciously accepted the grey hairs at her temples saying that she thought they made her look regal.

My mother, although she would have never described herself as such, was a classic beauty. She taught me to appreciate life and that one’s challenging circumstances were 'character building'. She helped me to understand that true beauty comes from within, to have confidence with what nature intended.

And that a touch of mascara and a bit of lippy can work wonders.

Thanks Mum.